15 hard-to-break scenes of fascinating food production lines

The production of the products through the machine chain is no longer strange in today's era anymore. Thanks to them, the production of items, including the food becomes faster and much more convenient. Just press the button that the food chain appears before your eyes, what is the better? And here are 15 pictures of the eye-catching food machines that everyone must be curious to see once tried.

1. This is how people used to "clone" the sweet Oreo cake.


2. You wondered why the bread was cut into beautiful ring, just not standard yet? The answer is here.


3. Pumps are all in this way, so the fruit juice is not blocking.

4. How to pack potato jars that make you fat and still chewing chewing every night.

5. Look at these peanut butter jars, who does not want to take a vial home?

6. so this time, he would also retreat hours

7. This is the true shape of the cinnamon ice cream before reaching the consumer.


8. It turns out delicious crispy crispy donuts are also coming from the hot bread rolls.

9. Even the shaping of the cake is done by machine.

10. A straight line that has caused so many addicted to sweet sweets.

11. The fish cake is slightly more sophisticated, but all is also automated.

12. Twist biscuits on TV or commercials are not hand-made, this is fast and effective


13. Noel lollipops on the mold before shipment.


14. The sausages turn out of the mold at rocket speed.


15. And finally, the process that makes up the bottles of Coca-Cola is consumed by millions of people every day.

Source: Synthesis