Lost when using old technology

It is expected that by the end of 2015, Vietnam will conclude negotiations and sign a number of agreements: TPP, ASEAN + 6 and joining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). In the context of market opening, some enterprises have actively changed the modern technology to improve product quality. However, most businesses, for many reasons, still make use of old technology, so it is difficult to compete with foreign firms.
Technology is the key to competition
GS-TS Pham Ngoc Dang, former member of the National Council for Sustainable Development, commented: "Many businesses only see the small benefit is to choose cheap equipment to produce, goods are still market acceptance. But in the long term, productivity and product quality are low in the modern production environment. "
Dr. Vu Duong Hoa, Institute of Strategic and Industrial Policy - Ministry of Industry and Trade, said: "Recently, the policy of importing old equipment and technologies has more or less met the needs of product development. Export and domestic consumption. However, due to many limitations in quality control, many of the old equipment and technologies developed by the developed countries have been imported from domestic enterprises, affecting the production environment and quality of production. Products".

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Besides companies still use backward technology, some companies have boldly invest in modern production equipment replacing old technology lines, preparing for the deep integration period. Nguyen Lam Vien, Chairman and CEO of Vinamit, said the company has spent $ 3 million to import machinery and equipment from Japan, which is expected to be operational by the end of the year. The volume, creating high-precision products to conquer hard-to-market European markets.
After equitization, since 2007, Rang Dong Plastic Company invested 80-120 billion VND per year for two main lines of plastic resin and plastic resins, thus maintaining the growth rate of 25% 40%. Mr. Nguyen Dac Hai, Deputy General Director of Rang Dong Plastic, said: "To invest 46 billion VND for a multilayer plastic film blowing machine to supply the domestic market, we save scrap, control Better quality of products, reduced by 20% production costs. The company is considering investing in a more modern production line to make exports to Japan. "
According to Nguyen Quoc Anh, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Rubber Association, 30% of members have invested in modern machinery and equipment. Many businesses are moving to buy equipment, new technology from Europe, America, Japan on behalf of Chinese equipment or old technology.
Phu Nhuan Service Company (Maseco) also spends tens of billions of dong each year buying technology and software production lines, rather than buying assembled or distributed products. With the support of modern technology, the quality of Ariane karaoke machines are always controlled and improved according to market demand.
According to representatives of industry associations, technology is the key integration, many Vietnamese enterprises need to invest in innovation. However, the government should solve problems in the implementation of technology investment policies to encourage businesses.
Get rid of imported equipment
In 2014, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued Circular 20 regulating the import of used machinery, equipment and production line must meet the condition of production not more than 5 years, quality still Over 80%. In addition, according to the circular, import inspection must be appointed by the competent authorities. The quality assessment and remaining quality is also a problem that many businesses urgent.
Facing these shortcomings, the Ministry of Science and Technology has canceled Circular 20, which is now collecting comments to develop a new circular. According to the third draft of the new circular, machinery and equipment must not exceed 10 years, counting from the year of manufacture to the year of importation, according to the standards in conformity with the provisions of national technical regulations or standards. G7 countries on safety, energy saving and environmental protection. This will solve the concerns of enterprises about quality inspection of machinery and equipment.
According to experts, the new circular should have specific criteria for appraisal and evaluation of equipment and technology ... to help businesses understand the positive and negative impact on the import of machinery and technology. Accurate evaluation and evaluation of machinery and technology will help the regulator control the import better, enterprises do not feel damaged when investing.
As we learn more, we are aware of the limited funding available, while many new machines and technologies are cost prohibitive, small and medium enterprises need tax assistance, loan conditions, rent...
Follow the three generations
According to statistics, more than 70% of machinery and equipment used in some major industries of Vietnam are imported from foreign countries, including equipment imported by enterprises and foreign enterprises joint venture with domestic enterprises .
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