Consultant - Design - Installation of industrial food production line

Vietnam is considered one of Asia's most promising consumer markets for food and beverage processing. However, before the wave of foreign businesses massively investing in our country, how do domestic enterprises create competitive advantage when the domestic production is still rudimentary and not ensure the real safety and hygiene. Products and consumer demand ...

To do so, the core must invest in the installation of modern food chain technology equipment that meets the standards of performance - quality products, but still have to ensure the cost of installation physical.

This requires the company to have a thorough calculation and, most importantly, a qualified and experienced consultant is needed to make informed decisions in selecting a technical solution. , Technology, equipment optimized for each specific product line.

CKT Technical Co., Ltd. - A leading company in providing system integration solutions from consulting services - design, construction - installation, to maintenance and retail of spare parts for socks. The entire system of food production lines, beverages in Vietnam

The leading manufacturers in Vietnam, we will offer the best advice to choose the type of machinery and lines suitable for production requirements of customers.