Maintenance and maintenance of industrial production lines

CKT Engineering Company Limited provides maintenance services for industrial production lines, maintenance of industrial production lines, repair of machinery and industrial equipment in the following forms:

1. Maintenance of industrial production lines, repair of machinery and equipment package according to the process:

- Step 1: Survey, consultancy services.

- Step 2: Plan maintenance - repair.

- Step 3: Organizing the construction.

- Step 4: Test operation and calibration.

- Step 5: Acceptance test, handover

In the form of:

* 24/7 Fast Repair Service: responds to any in-demand troubleshooting or inactive equipment, regardless of the night or holidays.

* Monthly / quarterly / monthly repair service

2. Maintenance of industrial production line, repair of machinery and equipment as required

Items of maintenance and repair in the industrial production line include:

- Maintenance of mechanical equipment system

- Maintenance of electrical equipment system

- Hydraulic system maintenance, cyclone

- Maintenance of the tank system, cooking sink, stirring tank

- Maintenance of compressed air system

- Maintenance of production and packaging systems

- Maintain UHT pasteurization system, waste treatment

- Maintain other auxiliary systems

Carrying out periodical inspection and maintenance of equipment according to manufacturers' recommendations and regulations; Provide equipment, spare parts for repair, replacement, maintenance (if customer request).

The company operates and provides services nationwide.

With the criteria:

- Products, equipment best

- The most reasonable price

- The most perfect service.

CKT Engineering Company Limited has a team of staff, management and staff of many years experience has participated in the installation and installation in the leading factories in Vietnam.

With the spirit of co-development. CKT Engineering Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperate with your company, factory ... in your field of expertise.